a field guide to fuck off to

a character of answers

it's over for me just keep going on and shake ya head loose, all this time easing into the truth

counting, lost, and all in, i'm gone

patch yourself over and put in the work, find yourself breathing into the dirt

i won't be spinning around the sun

it rides on your shoulder when the bird sings only of angel wings and of its own worth

i won't be falling into your arms

kiss sweet solid nothing, say goodbye through a dream, this home it's only a machine, a body of blood

i won't be waiting too long

life between the light and wall

running down the secrets of life

just as you risk running out of air, it begins, wide awake

laugh it off in your usual flair

it can be so hard to care in a heightened state

two fistfuls of a bird taking flight

conceived up against the wall they'll say life finds a way

through the shadow puppets in the light

it's not just something sung the waters of march are a thing

and through this passage there's a rite

you'll take nothing to declare to the keepers of the gate

and place your wishes at the site

and you'll listen like you can hear but it's silent's peak

walking off the pains of a life

off into nothing's thrall or some kind of outer space

as if it's all to point and stare

at life between the light and wall in some kind of heightened state

flowers of where gates grew

out of an f hole into an a hole

waiting out the storm, the heat and cicadas

digging through the gap, collecting the traps

exploits of the heart, strangers for money

honest perfume soaked a dynamite fuse

the star crackling sky lined it and my point of view

while i sucked and suffocated drinking the juice

through a smile diluted with visions of the truth

i timestamped and rated it against the maps that they drew

i took sharpened blades to flowers of where gates grew

the distance was weighed in, i reached for my hands what to do

holding my virtue, do you believe in love too?

w/ the intent of the wind or at least of the branches swayed

coming down from the end into town from the mountain

oh, how i crave and i crave for the surface

as if i've been saving all my breath for a ticket

working out present intentions, breaking out from past apprehensions

oh, how i rave and i rave for a purpose

to give my sanctity to the service

surrounding found shaking and lucid, its floating weight relieving the curtain

if this the way to get back to the circus

of what it's about i'd rather not debate this

running proud afraid of the nerves and shaking off the loose ends uncertain

and this the dream where all of us make it

the evening out, the mystery awakened

wins + free spins

growing out of your kink into fall colours

everything's ok until

the secret paranoid state of dilemma

the bowl outweighs the carrier's will

the landscape is losing its power daily

and the path to truth through beauty is hell

bad knees and cardiovascular disease

i'm getting fucked up for nothing

in a bad dream diving head first under the covers

don't let the fears stop the flow of tears

there's a hole in the floor that's the rhythm

a wide open escape for an excuse

getting so high it's like getting away w/ murder

w/out a body for anyone to search

a place of good where i go to throw away my evil

a place where my coat is always hung

a brighter sun than ever, the caveat, a ceiling

where every little feeling is one

out of the woods back to the beginning

everything's ok until

anyone can't ever tell you anything anymore

my joke fucked up, my touch too much

in so far as you're never going to laugh this all off

my words misspoke, my look exposed

anyone can't ever tell you anything anymore

it's lost, it's mustered up, fucked off

it's clear through fear we're tripping on pheromones to nowhere

now it's on, the always broken lock

it's so you'll know you can't even tell if it's ever off


i've given it all my money and all my time

i've pissed away my liberty and all my fight

to corner down the right degrees of its upside

the things you have to say to please the light

i've said it all or so it seems in the middle of the night

careful not to let it dream and take off in flight

i swore i wouldn't let it breathe or out of my sight

to build up all my energy through its life

as if all the countless meddling would ignite

something sort of like a flame in my eyes

all the while singing wild “hope's a thing fine”

but looking around and nothing's found

and that was all right

how can you be so sure

discarded or disfigured it's brought here in your mold

it's not light to be so broken in an image cast in bones

through embittered homes out a hunter's poem w/ an arcane fist self imposed

you have chosen

the part of you that givers in exactly how it's told

it's the endless tales that litter past your parchments promised folds

in ink of gold it is woken up in pain and in person

it is known

there's hardly time to figure what anybody knows

it's a kind of you to throw me on the coals here i'm still coming

supposing i'm alone and a bumping brumpumpumpump

i'm stomping on the coals

though hardly praise is nothing enough's already sold

it's mine to deliver with the soul and my one joke

and my river stones i'm holding in my pockets breaking my back


fields of vision

patriots throwing rocks at the sun

the last killers fucking w/ the gods

like little kids throwing rocks at frogs

at institutions like getting fucked up at the swamp

w/ excessive dreams of selling out the farm

at institutions like cabaret in a bar

it's spilling through a seat and onto something hard

in agreed on pictures of a lost cause

starting from one phase of sorting out the frauds

into another, it's a phrase about the virtue of their poetry

into a gun, the only one left listening

after all is fought and done, they'll leave the world whistling

i thought you'd find it funny

it's fine to kill it, a divine feeling

it's fine to feel it, a divine killing

it's found in filming, its upside steel

inside it's reeling and also, it too is killed

in often lines, these lines for rest

these apotheoses, it's lines for often plenty

but whether ashes or a name carved in some mind

below the ceiling in all tellings of time

the hand is steady, a stone on a photo of mine

and if it's letting, i too will get in line


cartoon figures shrouded in doom summoned through chanting and dancing to tunes,

freaking out in the middle of the night

the whiskey shakes and a hole in my head come sunday night i'm on a roll again,

believing in the beauty of the light

validating depression w/ success it's such a fucking mess,

the serious lengths to which we're all due

say goodbye to the saint lawrence river

past the tree line, past the horizon

i can't see ya, i can't see ya

beyond the lakes across the country tired

outside of my time, outside of my life

i can't feel ya, i can't feel ya

w/out your power i'm losing my mind

fasting sunshine, the sky painted and wide

if i can't see ya, if i can't see ya

light a candle give in to the moonlit night

estuary tongue tied, the silence, the sign

i can't speak to ya, i can't speak to ya

out of the dark, straight into the tainted light

closing these eyes of marking this mind

the bells have rung for ya, the shipyard sings to ya

say goodbye to the saint lawrence river

it's enough that it's beyond us

going insane about money, a pittance of a body in taxes

for wearing the suit that protects enigmatic tats

for polishing boots that pretend to be roots to the past

the never ending act

we're witness to a promise protecting the reason you're always remaining

to be seen in a field w/ a flower, a fire, or in water

a subjugation of self, a collection of scores of your iq

in happiness and sadness

and travelling parallel, drifting in time as the living and breathing

negatively meditating, posing as a flower

instead of separating from self, empty of all your power

delusion and this madness

so i lost it on paper happily through fits of your vision and conditions exacting

actively disengaged, smelling for death across the island

entitlement to land is a curse in a moment of silence

and i'm never coming back